My own birth-stories could not have been more polar opposite !

They taught me the lessons of letting go, acceptance and trusting in my own deep rooted, intuitive desires and abilities – these lessons I will always remember.

My daughter arrived via c-section after 35+ hours of labor, 3 1/2 years later my son arrived via VBAC (vaginal birth after c-section) within 12 hours totally naturally, no drugs and no pit – 2 weeks after my 47th birthday ! 


“I found Lorenne through a trusted referral (Lil Omm) and booked an induction massage as I was 40 weeks and the doctors were beginning to pressure me with induction. Lorenne’s skill as a therapist and knowledge of the process if pregnancy, labor and childbirth created a therapeutic and effective space to begin labor. I went into labor within 12 hours after the massage, and had a fantastic labor with absolutely no interventions. I continue to see Lorenne regularly as a therapist, as her expertise is not confined to her induction massages!” – Lindsey, Kensington, MD

What is induction massage?

This therapeutic reflexology, massage and acupressure service is designed to help women avoid  labor inductions with the chemical use of Pitocin in the hospital, and rather, initiate labor naturally.

It is the stimulation of specific points along the body to help the body “Jump start” with the labor process.

Induction massage is given post date , never earlier than moms due date, within 12 – 48 hours after the massage  labor is  often stimulated to commence.

In my experience with the women I have worked with, labor triggered by an induction massage also leads to a shorter and easier labor and birth.

If your OB is starting to talk about a scheduled induction it is highly recommended that you schedule a session for a natural massage induction at least 48 hours prior to your scheduled hospital induction – so as to give your body a good chance to start the process of labor itself.

While no quarantees are given for labor starting, I can guarantee a session of stress free relaxation !!


NOTE : The services that we provide in our office are non-medical, and non-invasive and are not meant to actively or directly “induce” labor, which is an obstetric procedure.

The movie “The business of being born” is a must watch for all moms and dads to be. Please check out their site, it can either be paid for and downloaded or the DVD can be purchased, just click here